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CVS access to L-Forum sources

You can access to newest L-Forum sources using CVS version control system. All you need to access L-Forum repository is CVS client application (for now avaliable for almost every operating system) and these data:

User: anonymous
Password: none (just press Enter afer prompt)
Connection type: pserver
Module: l-forum

So under Unix if you want to get newest version of L-Forum (warning: it can be unstable!) type:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co l-forum

Something about tags. If you want to get newest stable version of L-Forum, get files with stable tag - add "-r stable" to command line.

Each relese of L-Forum os marked with tag RELEASE_x_x_x, where x_x_x is release number with dots converted to underscores. In CVS there are releses from 2.4.0 up. You can get older versions from

You can browse L-Forum CVS repository on-line here