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L-Forum changelog

  • Added Esperanto, Japanese, Romanian and Slovak translations
  • Updated French, German, Italian, Swedish and Spanish translations
  • Small bugfix in attachment support (filesize)
  • Bugfix in language changing - now L-Forum remembers search query when changing language (thanks to Dan Bluestein)
  • Forum name is showing up on each forum page
  • Bugfix in admin/remove.php - it tried to remove file with wrong name
  • Corrected encodings
  • Finally corrected problems with saving forum array
  • Updated Russian, Spanish and Dutch translation
  • Syntax bugfixes in black theme
  • Bugfix in 'add forum' saver
  • Added Russian translation of README
  • Now you can use administrator's password to moderate every forum
  • Bugfix in moderated forum's listing - it's really mixed up with different database systems' boolean values
  • Added 'remove' option on moderator's page
  • Some minor security fixes
  • Changed attachment file naming and serving to client
  • Bugfix in threaded list - "next messages" link wasn't showing when it should
  • BIG code cleanup
  • Setting propoper error_report in
  • Now L-Forum will work with E_NOTICE error reporting level
  • Many performance optimalizations
  • Bugfix in PostgreSQL support - errors were reported where they shouldn't
  • Bugfix in themes support - in read_thr.php default theme was used instead of the one associated with that forum.
  • New languages - Swedish (thanks to Philip Bergen) and Danish (thanks to Erik Aaes)
  • Updated French and German translation
  • Added possibility to set relative path to L-Forum from install.php
  • Added README redirector in L-Forum root dir
  • Bugfix in upload support
  • Corrected database input files
  • Bugfix in tranlations
  • Bugfix in moderator list
  • Moderated forums
  • Mailto: links are encoded as hex strings
  • Updated Finnish translation
  • New languages: Czech (thanks to Vladimir Benes) and Finnish.
  • New feature: list last unread messages
  • New feature: show bodies of all messages in thread
  • Very small bugfixes in and install.php
  • Updated French and German language file
  • New languages: portugese (thanks to Anaximandro B. de Melo), dutch (thanks to Niels van Reymersdal), german (thanks to Hans-Jürgen Schönig and Wörz Walter) and dutch (thanks to Niels van Reymersdal)
  • Implemented use of 'long_names' configuration option
  • Bugfix in themes support - design file was included before proper theme name was set
  • Bugfix in PostgreSQL support (thanks to Radek Bochenek)
  • Bugfix in list_thr - corrected path for images when in administration
  • Bugfix in list_thr - corrected part of query selecting timestamp from PostgreSQL
  • Bugfix in threaded list displayed in message - SQL query had little bug
  • Bugfix in dots() function
  • Bugfix in search.php
  • Major bugfix in MySQL support - database crashed when admin removed newest message
  • Completed attachment support
  • Removed comments from config.php file
  • New language: italian (translated by Simona D'Ambrosio)
  • Date is now translated
  • Now forum pager is fully functional
  • Removed 'use cookies' option from configuration, because L-Forum relies on it - maybe soon I'll try to use PHP4 session mechanism
  • Changed query used to select maximal id in mysql
  • Added sort order
  • Bugfix in - now it shows viewed messages count
  • Corrected displaying of errors - some of them had doubled header
  • In threaded view subject is being cut according to it's level
  • Extended documentation
  • Web-based table creation
  • Small bugfix in - there was an error with file including order
  • First additional color theme - dark one
  • New language: turkish (translated by Necdet YÜCEL)
  • Bugfix in read.php (puts   if there's no email)
  • Bugfix in themes support
  • Bugfix in tranformation mailto to links
  • Added possibility to assign some codepage to language
  • Removed all symlinks from forum - this has made few things more difficult, but it helped people who are decompressing tarball on windows boxes. According to that you have to enter proper path to forum in configuration (relative to web server root)
  • Cleaned up L-Forum configuration - now it's easier for me to add new configuration options
  • All .inc files moved to separate directory
  • Now index.php doesn't tries to connect to database (because it doesn't need to)
  • Added search box
  • Little reorganisation in directory structure
  • New languages: french and spanish
  • Bugfix in remove.php (thanks to Vlad Loutsenko)
  • bugfix in threaded list
  • added possibility to change encoding of L-Forum from administration page
  • added optional extended e-mail verification (with DNS lookup)
  • corrected translation of URL's to HTML links
  • added translation of e-mail's prepended by "mailto:" to links
  • bugfixes: added protection against disabled magic quotes (thanks to Bob Forkner)
  • bugfixes: fixed errors in mysql support (thanks to Riadh Didane)
  • added possibility of keeping base on other host
  • added protection against listing forum that don't exists
  • bugfix - now [-] in tree in single thread mode isn't link
  • multiple forums support
  • full configuration at WWW page
  • adding/removing/modifying forums using WWW
  • adding themes and languages using WWW
  • preparations for attachments, moderated forums and forum paging
  • MySQL support added
  • thread tree in message window is now optional
  • removed duplicate SQL query from new.php
  • poster's IP address is recorded in database
  • all links to main page are now "./index.php" instead of "./" - that will help people who doesn't have "php" extension in DirectoryIndex option
  • added "wrap" function for wrapping too long lines in messages (i.e. if someone want's to ruin design of your forum by entering word longer than 75 letters)
  • added counting of message views
  • new admin option: IP blacklist for banning IP's from posting
  • added collapsing of threads
  • few typos
  • Bugfix in threaded list of messages - part of tree drawing algorithm was wrong
  • Bugfix for message removal - sql query was misspelled
  • version assumed as first stable
  • major bugfix - now l-forum doesn't allow for empty subject and author fields
  • added first administration option - removal of messages
  • administration options are now protected by password
  • defined name is protected by password (intened to be administrator's name)
  • fixed problem with first message thread root
  • corrected output order for thread list
  • Initial public release