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L-Forum security holes

Thursday, Jan 01 1970 @ 00:00:00 GMT
Ulf Harnhammar reported 2 security holes in L-Forum 2.4.0. Both were immediately fixed - 2.4.1 won't contain these bugs. Patch for L-Forum 2.4.0 is available at patches tracker.

We're moving

Saturday, Jun 01 2002 @ 15:02:28 GMT
Very soon (today or tomorrow) L-Forum site will change its address to It's connected with moving L-Forum to SourceForge. This change will have many benefits: CVS repository, mailing lists, release history, etc. Old address will contain demo version of L-Forum with information about new address.

Stable version is out

Thursday, Apr 04 2002 @ 20:57:57 GMT
From now you can download L-Forum 2.4.0. It contains few bugfixes and few new translations. I hope this really is stable version. Now I'll start implementing new features. Maybe in very near future L-Forum CVS repository will be moved to some public server - that will allow cooperative work on L-Forum developement.

New version

Monday, Jan 28 2002 @ 13:32:45 GMT
Finally, L-Forum 2.3.4 is available. There are some bugfixes, so I recommend you to upgrade it as soon as possible. Other changes: updated some translation files, added 'remove' option to moderator's page.
See changelog for full information.

Next version will be L-Forum 2.4.0. I want it to be 'very stable', so please, if you'll find any bugs in version 2.3.4, report it to me ( Next version will contain more language updates, whole new translation (Romanian), possibility to set links to 'absolute' mode (this is for those, who has 'base href' tag on their pages). I want also to improve documentation - snippets section and few other things.
If there's someone who want to help me - feel free to contact with me. I can move L-Forum to CVS repository (in fact it is in CVS for few months, but on private server).

New version

Friday, Nov 30 2001 @ 18:31:20 GMT
Finally, version 2.3.3 is available. It took so long to make it because I was checking whole code against PHP notices. I've also made some improvements, there's new language, few bugfixes.
See changelog or go directly to download page